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The Blog.

It makes my blood boil…

The news about Alabama bringing in such strict abortion laws makes my heart ache. Pushing women further down the queue of choice over their own

Have you got a wonky womb?

Our uterus is quite small really and is tucked into the pelvis in suspended animation supported by bungee ropes. I could tell you all the fancy

Period Power Pants

The amazing team at WUKA – Wake Up Kick Ass (totally awesome) gave me the opportunity to try out their period pants and I wanted to

The cost of keeping quiet

When I first started talking about my periods, I was asking my friends questions because I actually had no benchmark to work from to know if

Angry Birds

I’ve been following the story about Serena Williams’s ‘rage’ in the final of the US Open  with interest, I have no idea about the ins

The Well Woman Project

Hi I’m Gem, I own The Well Woman Project, I’m writing this blog to hopefully shed some light on a plight that the whole population

St John’s Wort

St John’s wort (Hypericum perforated) isn’t usually associated with menstrual health, but it does give us a few amazing properties. It’s coming to the end of it’s

What have you got to gain?

I have been guilty of this myself, seeing the negatives in something – actually the negative I was seeing was that women with menstrual problems