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Well Woman Road Map

Got a period-related problem? This 6 week programme takes a
deep dive into your symptoms so you can start changing your cycle for the better.

To get your Road Map underway, you’ll have a 90min one-to-one consultation with me, usually via video call. I’ll ask you to fill out a profile ahead of the call, and during the session we’ll discuss all your symptoms in detail. Afterwards, I’ll use all the information to put together a bespoke road map for you and build a personalised herbal potions kit.

Once you’re fully armed with your road map and potions, you’ll have access to my brain and advice for a further 6 weeks (via WhatsApp voice notes) so that I can support you as you start to make changes in your lifestyle to support a healthier cycle.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll wrap up with a 45 min follow-up session to make sure you have everything you need to go forwards independently on your road to problem-free periods.

Keep reading below for more information or book your consultation slot if you’d like to take the plunge

Is this programme right for me?

Who is it for?

This programme is for anyone who is struggling with ANY period-related problems. It might be PMT, PMDD, Endometriosis or Perimenopause, or perhaps you just have a feeling that something’s not quite right – your periods seem a little too heavy or irregular, you’re getting migraines, or period pains and tiredness are wiping you out.

Honestly, if there’s anything going on for you that is relating to your cycle, then I am here to help.


What does it include?

  • A detailed initial consultation to discuss your symptoms, health and hormones. This will be via video call.
  • A personalised roadmap – I will put this together following the initial consultation so that you can follow the advice over the next 4 weeks
  • A bespoke herbal potion package – you’ll receive up to 5 different herbs which I will select based on your symptoms so that they offer you exactly the support you need.
  • 6 weeks WhatsApp support between sessions (Mon-Fri 6-5) – this gives us an easy way to communicate via voice note and I find it works really well as there’s no problem with either of us needing to juggle work commitments
  • Follow-up session – 45 mins – At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll touch base again with a video call. We’ll be able to run through any last questions, and I can make any additional recommendations so that you can go forwards armed with your road map, herbs and all the advice you need to support your body to heal and to keep your periods in a better place
  • Video recording of our consultation – I’ll send you the video so that you can rewatch it as and when you need. It’s a great way of making sure that important pieces of information and advice don’t get lost!


What outcomes can I expect?

  • More energy and vitality, and generally feeling more like yourself. 
  • A reduction in symptoms and a way forwards so that you can continue towards problem-free periods.
  • Finding a way to support the body to heal, bring hormones into balance and understand your body’s needs


How much does it cost?

The total cost for the Road Map Programme is £495 – this includes both consultation sessions, your road map and herbal potions and the Voxer support.

what my clients say...

Why work with me?

Because I know what I’m talking about

I left a 15 year career as a nurse to become a holistic practitioner, and I speak both these languages fluently. I’ve even written a book about it. 

Because I’ve been through it myself

10 years after symptoms started appearing, I finally got a diagnosis of endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids and cysts. Pain, heavy bleeds, emotional rollercoasters, I knew them all. And now I’m pretty familiar with perimenopause too!

Because it’ll be a hoot!

Seriously, this doesn’t all need to be such a painful experience, and I tend to inject humour. Heads up, I use expressions like ‘fanny admin,’ because honestly, what is the point in beating around the bush anyway?

Because it’s worth it

I don’t want you to put up with all this pain, exhaustion and aggravation. I really don’t. And I don’t want you to feel like you’re being pushed into HRT if that’s not your choice, and I don’t want you to feel like nobody is taking you seriously. I don’t want your period to be ruining your life, and it doesn’t have to.