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Join a Red Talk

Take the opportunity to come together and learn about a specific topic of period/hormonal health in more detail.

You will come away from my Red Talks with a better understanding of your body, some quick wins that you can action easily as well as some group coaching from me with Q&As.


*** Red Talks will be back in 2024!!***

(I’m taking a break to launch my book in Nov 23!)

"So helpful. Gemma really explained things and talked about why i might be experiencing pain in my period. She gave me lots of way in which i could approach my health care provider to support getting to the bottom of it. It was fun and the coaching part at the end was really helpful to talk through what had been going on for me."
The Well Woman Red Talks

What to expect

The sessions will begin with 45 mins of teaching from me, and then 60 mins of group coaching afterwards. Held on Zoom, the sessions will be recorded and you will receive a time sensitive copy of the recording. Questions will also be able to be submitted to me to answer if you can’t stay for the live session.

Why work with me?

Because I know what I’m talking about

I left a 15 year career as a nurse to become a holistic practitioner, and I speak both these languages fluently. I’ve even written a book about it. 

Because I’ve been through it myself

10 years after symptoms started appearing, I finally got a diagnosis of endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids and cysts. Pain, heavy bleeds, emotional rollercoasters, I knew them all. They are a thing of the past now, because I addressed my symptoms in the way I’ve described here, in the whole shebang.

Because it’ll be a hoot!

Seriously, this doesn’t all need to be such a painful experience, and I tend to inject humour. Heads up, I use expressions like ‘fanny admin,’ because honestly, what is the point in beating around the bush anyway?

Because it’s worth it

I don’t want you to put up with all this pain, exhaustion and aggravation. I really don’t. And I don’t want you to feel like you’re being pushed into a hysterectomy if that’s not your choice, either. I don’t want you to feel you’re being force fed HRT and I don’t want you to feel like nobody is taking you seriously. I don’t want your period to be ruining your life, and it doesn’t have to. With The Whole Shebang, you can actually start going with the flow again.