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I offer one-off consultations as a great way to really focus in on one problem that you have going on for you. 

Clients have found this to be an invaluable session to really get to the bottom of problems with their periods, or other health related issues like changed libido, headaches or something completely unrelated to your hormones (is there such a thing?!) like digestive or sleeping problems.

Your session will be 90 minutes long. I will take a detailed history and we will dive deep into what has been going on for you with this particular issue. I will provide guidance on how you can use herbs and/or changes to your lifestyle to help with your symptoms. 

The consultation will be done over Zoom. You will be sent the audio recording of our session so you won’t need to worry about taking notes and this will be emailed to you. 

After the session I will send you a full write up of your consultation along with an action plan for you to follow. I will also send you the recommended herbal remedies in the post.  Depending on what particular condition you are presenting with you will get up to 5 different potions that will be bespoke to your needs. Sent straight to your door with all the instructions. 

You will also receive my flow chart and instructional video on how to fill it out to get the most out of all the details. 

What’s Included:

  • A 90 minute consultation session via Zoom
  • An audio recording of your consultation
  • A detailed write up of your consultation
  • Up to 5 herbal products worth £75
  • A charting course and chart

£249 per session