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The Whole Shebang!

The Whole Shebang!

Do you have painful or heavy periods?

Do you fear that time of the month? Or even know when it’s going to happen?

Have you ruined enough pants that it’s starting to cost you a fortune? 

Are you sick of missing out on life because you are busy having cramps? Reaching for a hot water bottle instead of your dancing shoes?

Are you having that Jekyll and Hyde situation far too often?

Are you feeling guilty that family and friends are bearing the brunt of your wild emotions?

Feel so tired that you think you might actually forget and leave yourself somewhere?

You just want to stop the merry-go-round of hell hath no fury like mangled hormones and actually start living the life you deserve becoming the expert in your own body.


Do you want to start engaging with life again with more energy vigour and a hell, yes, I’m here? Not having to put your life on hold every time your period comes. Would you love to have a radical reduction in symptoms?

Be living your best life with no pressure of having to be at any particular destination just be where you are now?

Do you want to have more energy and enthusiasm for all the things that give you joy? 

And now you want to start living again

You know that feeling of wanting to stop the merry-go-round because you are feeling sick as a dog. You have a migraine, you can only see out of one eye, you have to go to a parents evening, but first you have to do a pile of work that really should have been done by Gavin last week. You need to go to the toilet again, there isn’t anymore milk left for a brew, oh and here come the hot tears and its only 10am. You go to the toilet and you see your period in your pants and it’s like ohhhhhh fuck, well that explains things.

Or that time when you are at work and, out of nowhere, that cold sweat creeps up on you and you’re, like, oh fuck, not now, please not now. I have to go and present a thing in front of the board and I can’t be doing with this pain that is about to hit in 3, 2 , 1 and you suddenly feel like someone is driving a hot poker in your side, you are needing to deep breathe like you are about 8 cm dilated and you are a sweaty mess. You really need to lie down in the foetal position, but you already had a day off last week because of your period and you feel guilty because you don’t have the energy to do everything you said you’d do. Margaret offers you a sympathetic smile and some paracetamol but that won’t touch it. This is just getting beyond a joke and its impacting on your life too much.

Or you are out in Sainsburys doing a quick shop, when all of a sudden the world moves inside you – well actually its making a sharp exit out of your vagina and you are unsure whether your super maxi night time tena lady pillow will be up for the job because this is the 6th time this has happened today and you can’t afford to do anymore washing of your own clothes, but you really don’t want to have a code red situation in the fruit and veg isle.

Some of you may think I have exaggerated these stories but I can tell you they are all true because they have happened to me. For a long time I felt I was walking around in the dark, I didn’t really know who to ask, where to go for support and all I really wanted was a person to talk to, who understood and had other options other than synthetic hormones. The message that this was normal and all part of being a woman with periods was all too common and frankly I thought to myself I can’t go through the rest of my life like this its horrendous. 

I’m here to tell you that your periods don’t have to run the show, you can have great, pain-free cycle and get back into control of your hormones – naturally. 

Imagine knowing your energy levels and cycle so well that you can plan your life around it, you know when your period will arrive so you don’t have to play the surprise surprise game every month. Being able to use your cycle to your advantage, knowing when you will be shit hot at stuff and when you will want the world to leave you alone. 

Knowing yourself inside out, your needs wants and desires, becoming the expert in your own health and wellbeing. Unlearning the myths we have had ingrained in us for such a long time and rewriting the story to suit you and your needs, but empowering yourself in the process. Not having to put up with the physical problems of pain, mood swings, heavy bleeding in a way that is natural and sustainable. 

What My Clients Have Said...

The Whole Shebang

Its all about having GREAT periods! 

So what is ‘The Whole Shebang’?

The whole Shebang is designed for women like you who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with the state of their period and hormones and want to find a natural and sustainable change.

Its a total overhaul of your life as you know it, it’s putting you front, square and centre on the priority list with the unwavering cheer leader support from yours truly.

We will be changing your lifestyle and diet – gently; you’ll get bespoke potions, nutritional and emotional support, we will be introducing you to mindfulness plus a wealth of online resources for you to work through and come back to time again. We are going to do all of this with a whole lot of compassion and a massive dollop of fun and humour. All in the name of improving your periods!

In doing this we will be working with your body instead of fighting it the whole damn way, creating more joy, energy and harmony instead of the slugfest out in the back alley.

If you’re worried that the Whole Shebang won’t work for you because you don’t have the time, then this is why its spread out over 6 months and you get to work at your own pace. Having me on hand to help you through any sticky bits will speed this process up. Having accountability from me for yourself will actually lead to bigger growth that you could ever get from doing this on your own. You will also start to see the changes and positives happening when you are doing the work, so this spurs you on to keep going and then it starts to be just your normal routine and nothing you have to think about.

If you tried this kind of thing before and it didn’t work, then believe me, this is different. This isn’t just focusing on one aspect of your health; this is a multidimensional approach. You won’t just be taking natural remedies, you will get advice and support, you get advice on lifestyle changes, you will have me as your accountability buddy to help you along the process. 

This isn’t band aid measures this is life changing stuff that will bring about changes that you want but also might be of the most pleasant surprise. You are not just going to help yourself here because the ripples you will cause in healing yourself will be far reaching to the circle of people around you, be sure to know life will never be the same again.

The Whole Shebang will work for you: 

  • Even if you don’t feel like you have the time 
  • Even if you’ve tried everything under the sun before 
  • Even if you are a heavy flow diva that is soaking through Tena ladies 
  • Even if you have have stocks and shares in M&S knicker department because you ruin so many each month
  • Even if you are in pain and wonder how the hell plants are going to help because your regular meds aren’t


When you have gone through the Whole Shebang you are going to be a different woman

You are going to have such a deeper level of knowledge about your body.  You will be the expert in YOU. This will ripple out into your friends and family and you will be an advocate for how women need to invest in themselves. 

What will life be like after this 6 month adventure? It will be freedom, you will have created freedom from the periods that have been trying you down and stopping you from living the full and wonderful life you deserve. It is enjoyment at getting your life back, at being able to say yes more, knowing you will be able to cope with a work, family and social life. It will be balance, a new way of living that will be putting you front and centre always, understanding your boundaries, loving yourself so hard, working with your body not against it, knowing when you can go all out and when you need to hibernate – with no guilt or embarrassment. 

It will be empowerment. You will feel able to share your learnings with your family, your children, your friends, work colleagues you are going to send out ripples in your corner of the world and this is going to keep on creating change for all of us. 

Energy! You are going to have so much energy, all the things that you have been missing out on will be a thing of the past as you find yourself again and start grabbing life by the horns and running with the good times.

Believe me you will be singing from the rooftops about how great you feel.

This feeling good will be a physical and a mental response. We think its just about our periods and then we realise how tied into our everyday lives it is and see the force it has over everything. Learning how to use that force for ourselves is an amazing thing. You don’t have to love your period and howl under a full moon by the time we have finished working together (totally ok if you do though) but understanding your own needs always leads to great things and lightbulb moments that are just glorious to be part of. 

What Do you Get With ‘The Whole Shebang’?

You’ll get 6 months of support (or fanny admin as we like to call it) to help you find the natural way to your period

You’ll get a detailed initial consultation to review the history of your health and hormones

You’ll get gorgeous Lunch with Gemma in London for some ‘me-time’ and go through your plan and herbs. I’m paying!

You’ll get a supply of herbs for the whole 6 months tailored to you, worth over £350

You’ll get a one-to-one Facebook group so you can pick my brain during our time working together. At any time! 

You’ll get 6 personal one-on-one calls (your “monthlies”) to see how your period is going and keep things moving in the right direction. I’ll even record them for you so you can listen back in your own time. 

You’ll get a personal resource library of content to support you between our calls

You’ll get Instructional videos on how to apply some of the wellness techniques

You’ll also get some hand picked, fun activities to inject a little joy into learning about your body, and help you make those all important changes 



1. Mindfulness Mini Course (worth £149)

Guided meditations made by me, especially to help create more space for you as part of your overall wellness. If we don’t take time to check in with ourselves the world can get very noisy. These are created with our hormones in mind, but will be able to be used anytime we need a bit of space, and to fire blanket our nerves. Even knowing about the techniques in this course can help you negotiate life with a bit more ease, and also help to understand yourself better and load on the compassion rather than the judgy mcJudgerson we can all be.

2. One year’s subscription to CALM (worth £53) 

I know we are all busy bees, but taking time out to unplug from the world is soooo important. This is why I’m showing my commitment in you and signing you up to the Calm App as part of your programme. Turning up to this practice can be life changing, reducing stress is a very big part of happy hormones.

3. A recipe book of swaps and quick wins (worth £39)

I get asked a lot about my diet, which is a loaded word really. Eating whole food is really important and I have put together some of my favourite go-to recipes that are easy to make and really bloody tasty. On the outside it can look like I don’t eat anything but fresh air and kale, but actually my diet is more varied now then it ever has been. Food is a key part to our health and I want it to be accessible to everyone. So i have made a book of swaps, because sometimes diet changes can feel like a whole load of don’ts, which is pretty demoralising. So this book shows you some delicious alternatives that are easy, tasty and you won’t have to run out and buy a whole load of weird ingredients.

4. A one-on-one with a nutritionalist (worth £80)

Laura is an absolute expert in her field, she is a warm approachable woman who knows her shit. Lets be honest if we are going to be making changes in our diet we want to know we have had input form the best. I have worked with Laura for many years and have built a wonderful relationship with her. I know she understands women

So, Why Work with ME? 

Well all I can say is what you see is what you get, I’m real, authentic and have a wicked sense of humour. I will always endeavour to see the brighter side of things and find the comedy in most situations.

I have a 15 year career as a nurse and about the same as a holistic practitioner. I love working with people and helping them find their true potential in health – this is why I stepped out of nursing and do what I do now because I feel I have more autonomy.

Everything I do is based on my own experiences and a whole lot of research and formal training.

I got the diagnosis of endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids and cysts 10 years after symptoms first started appearing. I managed to put my symptoms in remission by changing my diet, my lifestyle and taking the right herbs (qualifying as a herbalist along the way). I now have boring periods, as is really the rights of every owner of a uterus. ‘My Uterus, one careful owner’.

I want you to take the same route. I want you to have boring periods. I want you to be living your best life.

All this for just £2,999 £2,499

The usual price for this package is £2,999. However, I’m currently offering this for £2,499, but only for a very limited time. 

So if this sounds like it’s what you’re looking for and you want to book on, please get in contact and we can kick off your path to a GREAT period. I can only take a limited number of clients on at one time, so book in for a FREE discovery call and we can have a chat to see if we are a good fit. 

Payment Plan

To help spread the load a bit, I offer a 3 month payment plan. 

Pay just £845 a month over 3 months. 

Special Payment Plan

The whole world is struggling with the impacts of COVID 19 so during this time I’m offering a way to spread the payments even further.

Pay just £255 a month over 10 months.