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Our uterus is quite small really and is tucked into the pelvis in suspended animation supported by bungee ropes. I could tell you all the fancy pants technical terms here but I can’t be arsed to look up how to spell them so I’m keeping it simple and talking about it in layman’s terms.

Right, what this can mean is that your uterus can travel around, albeit not a lot but a little bit makes a big difference. When I’m doing Mizan abdominal massage on a client I can feel the uterus (from the outside!) and I can tell if she partying a bit to the left or right of the body or is more towards the front or back.

There are several positions a womb can be in, as you can see from my excellent drawings! In any other position other than where she should be is like a kinked hose pipe, and what that means is during your period the blood isn’t having such an easy time exiting from your body.

This could be why some people experience that gushing feeling when they stand up because effectively it’s pooled in a bend then you stand up and whoosh another pair of pants hit the dust. It also can be the reason that your period might start out brown in colour rather than a nice bright red and can also be why some of us have that start-stop situation which is really bleedy annoying and ruins more pants.

It’s important for your internal organs to be in the place they are meant to be because it allows them to work more efficiently. Having a uterus that is aligned is helpful when you are trying to get pregnant and once you have had the baby it’s really important to go and get your pelvis and uterus checked out.

Sometimes women can complain of sore heels because believe it or not having a uterus that is tipped back can affect your whole body alignment – how? Well because we are excellent at compensating for these misalignments that are pretty common. Hence why bodywork isn’t a luxury but a necessity if we are going to keep this body of ours in tip-top condition.

I am able to align pelvis’s because I am an advanced practitioner, but I work closely with an osteopath and any weirdness that is past my capabilities I forward onto him, it’s wonderful to see someone come back walking that bit taller!

what causes things to get bent out of shape? Well, a fall, great sex, sport, horse riding, pregnancy, a car accident the list is kinda endless really because like I said it’s sat in bungee ropes. After I had my melon of a cyst removed my uterus was on the total wonk like someone had just got off the other end of the seesaw! She had the major hump, it gave me sciatica and pain in my left side till I had it ironed out.

The facia in our bodies connects everything so it makes sense that when something is out of balance then it’s going to affect other things in its’ path.  If you can imagine twisting a part of your top and you see where it pulls you get an idea of how the facia works in the body. It knots get tight then pulls other things out of alignment.

Come to me with neck ache I’m absolutely going to be looking at your lower back!

If you think you might have a wonky womb get in touch lets get her back where she belongs!