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The news about Alabama bringing in such strict abortion laws makes my heart ache. Pushing women further down the queue of choice over their own bodies.

It makes my blood boil actually that dusty old white men are disgusting how women can use their uteruses, IN THIS DAY AND AGE!

This isn’t about if you think abortion is for you or not – I don’t care what your views are on that, each to their own but as a woman you have to be able to see that you can’t be dictated to by the government and sent to prison for wanting something not to happen to you. Lets face it a pregnancy might well be happening that you had no say in so it’s a double slap in the face.

The comments that are being thrown around the internet are just abhorrent, the pro lifers seem to be a very bitter bunch of folk, wishing anyone who sticks their head above the parapet to talk of the injustice of this that they should have been aborted at birth – um the irony here isn’t lost on me!

Northern Ireland is in the same place, and women are still having abortions, because frankly we are stronger than some bit of paper anyway and will find a way. Practitioners that also want to support women in this choice are also being black listed the whole situation has just plunged humanity back by hundreds of years.

There is so much white privilege being sprayed around the place that it’s fucking hard to breath –no one else knows what is better for my body and mental health other than me.

I have never wanted children and it would have been bad for my mental health to have ignored that very loud voice in me and gone ahead with it. We have all regretted that extra portion of desert but that choice doesn’t live with you for the rest of your life. Women who have had an abortion live with it every day, but it has to be available.

Interestingly I was reading about several accounts of men being questioned about having a vasectomy, and that there is talk about banning them if you haven’t had children.

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL FUCK. This just can’t be a thing, what are they scared of that they are going to get sued or something?  If you know you know, the choice to have not have a child is as big as the choice to have one, you talk it through with your partner and you either proceed or give up and go in separate ways to achieve what you want out of life.

At no point should a health professional be governing your own choice about your reproductive rights.

We are at breaking point with the population I would have thought those of us out there that didn’t want to procreate ought to have some perks like a free coffee in costa or something.

It just feels like very dark times and I for one am eternally grateful that I live in a place that supports choices, and that I’m sassy enough to know I’ll get what I wont when I don’t like the options given to me.

2 Responses

  1. OMG that is exactly how I felt about this when I heard it on the news. Who do they think they are telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies surely we should be past this now. What gives anyone the right to dictate what should happen to our bodies when it’s such a personal and individual decision (that I can’t imagine for one moment is taken lightly) to make and sometimes made in horrific circumstances, for all sorts of reasons. No woman wakes up thinking “oh! , you know what I’d like to do today … I think I’ll have an abortion. ” I have never , fortunately, been in that position and hope none of the women in my family ever have to either, but if any of them ever are, I hope they can go somewhere safe and calm and clean with proper doctors and nurses and get the help they need to get through it as best they can without having to resort to backstreet abortionists and risk their life or liberty , because that’s where this will go and people will lose wives girlfriends sisters, aunties, mothers and daughters in disgusting totally unnecessary and totally avoidable circumstances. WE GET TO CHOOSE. US. NO-ONE ELSE . Enough people have died for that right already. We shouldn’t be going backwards.

    1. I know, it’s still a law in Northan Ireland it’s disgusting. There is also so much stigma around having one too. Women feel they will be vilified if they admit to having had one, women have had them and no one in their family know about it because that shame runs deep. There is no shame in it, it is our right to choose. That’s why keeping the conversation going is so important.