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When you book an appointment to come and see me for some Mizan, it’s pretty freaking awesome I won’t lie.

First off you have a very comprehensive form to fill out, it goes through everything, lifestyle, diet, exercise, spiritual stuff, emotions, past medical history and symptoms to name a few topics.

I usually ask clients to fill this out ahead of their appointment so I can have a nosey through it and have a bit of a heads up before we start. Sometimes we split the consultation and I might do this bit online and see the client for the actual treatment. Reason being it takes a good three hours to do the first initial consultation, told ya freaking awesome!

You have space to ask me questions and chat through any concerns and issues while we talk through the consultation form, its by doing this more information occurs, and dots are joined.

I take notes throughout and at the end of it we have a bit of a plan about areas that need to be tweaked and things that will help whatever you have come to sort out. This all gets emailed to you after the consultation, along with videos, workbooks and other useful information. I have quite the database now of articles and useful bits and bobs to pass onto my clients.

You then get the treatment which takes an hour, Mizan works on the midriff section of your body. So I am really getting involved with realigning and balancing all that needs to be. It’s awesome for gut health, I can feel where your uterus is positioned, can make adjustments to your pelvis if that is a bit wonky, release off loads of tension in the tummy, lower back and glutes. It is amazing how much tension can be stored there!

After the treatment you have all the time you need to come to, some women are quiet throughout, some chat to me it matters not, it’s all part of the process. We then go through any herbs that I think will be beneficial to you for your continued treatment plan. This is very much working with you not me just telling you what to do. So that you come away feeling fully involved and understand more about yourself and your body.

Usually, clients come back for treatments about once a month, for more intense issues it might be more frequently but again this is a discussion we have together so you are entirely comfortable with the care you are getting.

You are given the self care routine to do at home and there is often other bits and bobs of ‘homework’ that I might suggest from castor oil packs to vag steams to maybe even prescribing plonking yourself down for 5 mins a day and breathing.

Mizan has been an integral part of my healing and I was massively grateful to finding it, it’s a treatment that is beneficial to all women but if you do have issues around your period then it really is something to invest in. Like massage in general people tend to rock up when they have hurt themselves rather than doing it as a preventative. Your body is a wonderful machine so investing in it is one of the best things you can do in my view 🙂

If you would like to know more please head over to my website or you can book in for a free clarity call with me if you would like to find out more. If you aren’t particularly local to me I have other online options too!