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Back in the day and I’m talking like 60 years ago Doctors endorsed cigarettes, there were even advert campaigns for Winston cigarettes tasting great to the pregnant mother and also causing low birth weight – win win!

In that time we have gone from it being thrust upon us to it being hidden away and grim pictures prevailing all packets. What has happened in that time is people have got sick, but we have also become educated about the dangers of smoking and what that does to our bodies.

Now I’m not here as a no smoking banshee, Jesus back in the 90’s I most likely smoking about 4 packets a night what with all the smoking in nightclubs and bars!! Fag burns in your favourite pair of new look polyester trousers were no laughing matter!

The thing is we look back on all this now with bafflement, I mean even smoking indoors seems alien to us now, and yet for so long it was the norm and we never even questioned it.

We will in time look back on our behaviours now rubbing our eyes in disbelief at what the hell we were doing. The plastic horror that has swept through our planet like a cellophane tsunami is frightening, how much our food is tampered with before we even get a look in. Yet I am the one that will raise eyebrows when I express this stuff and being bat shit crazy.

We are so mistrustful of the alternative, scared about what it might do, and yet we pop pills with side effects that cover 2 sides of A4 in size 2 font. How is it we got so side blinded by what is available to us and rely so heavily on things that aren’t good for us?

Did you know, for example, cinnamon is an amazing herb for stemming heavy bleeds, just the regular powdered stuff you reserve for sprinkling over your porridge or stewed apples. Yeah that stuff, 2-3 teaspoons a day will really help curb heavy bleeding, but we don’t believe it and pop down the tranexamic acid like smarties which has horrific side effects the main one being, it doesn’t actually work very well.

You can’t overdose on cinnamon, I mean I would definitely recommend that you mix it in some apple puree to eat it, you don’t want to inhale a spoonful of cinnamon, but that’s as risky as it gets – so what have you got to lose?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again, if I had listened to the advice of the medical model I wouldn’t be where I am with my periods now, I wouldn’t have a uterus to start with, and I would be living the rest of my life on medications. As it stands I take no medications except the herbal kind, and I don’t have to take them very often for my bleeds now. The idea of any medicine isn’t to be on it forever and ever. It’s to use it to help you get over the problems you are faced with and then you heal.

I also want to be crystal clear here that I’m not dissing every medical professional on the planet. There are some amazing people out there doing amazing things, who are open to the way alternative and western medicine can work, but sadly there are waaaaaaaaaayyy to many out there giving bad advice.

If I turned around to my clients and told them that all they needed to do was get pregnant to fix their hormonal difficulties, I doubt I would be in business for very long. Yet this is advice that is STILL being given out by people apparently in the know.

Being the conscientious person I am, I don’t get my head out of books and courses to keep me up to date. Which brings me to yet another interesting point, when a doctor offers you medication, I have never heard of people asking for research on the drug or how many papers it has on it. I’ll let you into a little secret, none of the drugs given to children – even paracetamol has ever been tested on a child. Rats yes but never children, because well would you let your child test out a drug that hadn’t been used before? Not on your life right?

Yet anytime an alternative practice comes up or herbal medicine is suggested BOOM suddenly everyone is an expert on research and want to see the papers that have been written on it. There are some, but most don’t have any research on them because there is no money to be made from it. It’s really that simple.

Yet all forms of alternative medicine be it herbalism, Chinese, or ayurvedic have been around for donkey’s years, and they work, with little or no side effects – so long as you are getting them from a reputable source who knows their stuff.

Which brings me back to my point earlier on about knowing your stuff, when a doctor tells a woman that periods are meant to be this way and that some women can suffer with them all their life, that isn’t coming from someone who knows their stuff. That’s coming from someone who is on an outdated medical model at best.

So if you are fed up with being palmed off when you go visit your GP and you don’t know where to turn next, why don’t you reach out and talk to someone who is an expert in their field. If you have a nightmare with your periods, hormones, cycle, perimenopause or menopause why don’t you see if you can speak with someone who knows her stuff? Why don’t you click this link and make a booking to speak with her right now?!

I can’t wait to speak with you, G x