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I looked up the meaning for the peri-menopause and this is what the dictionary said ‘the period of a woman’s life shortly before the occurrence of the menopause’.

Now I don’t know about you, but the vagueness of the peri-menopause is only rivaled by a politician trying to answer a direct question. No one seems to know or particularly care for that matter. You are in no woman’s land.

To say it’s the period shortly before the occurrence of the menopause is really the biggest crock of bollocks. You can start the peri years in your late 30s and women stop bleeding somewhere in the region of 50ish so maybe 20 years is a relatively short time. *shucks – you folk out there with kids seem to say different though right?! Although my mum does like to look at me and say how only yesterday I was her chubby kneed cherub tee hee – not much has changed to be fair.

The trouble is all these numbers are like picking a lottery ticket. A helpful conversation would be with your mum, what her story is will be helpful in having a slight heads up on the situation. Failing that your sisters or even more diluted aunts. If you have no way of finding out your matriarchal history then getting to know your cycle inside out and back to front will be a total game changer.

As you go into this stage it’s like a car back-firing. Some cycles will be grand and others will do weird shit that might make you think what the flaming heck is going on. Some of us have had so much weird shit with their periods it might not be noticeable when they go a bit wonky, but for those of you that have had textbook bleeds (lucky buggers) it can be a bit of a head fuck (and welcome to the dark side sisters 😉 ).

So I would defo recommend that you trot over to my website and sign up for my news letter here because you will get my free charting course for doing it and that will be very helpful to you indeed.

I mean the MOST annoying thing about this whole process is the focus on us getting past it, falling apart and shrivelling up like the old crone and waiting for God. I was reading the other day about an 80 year old that was having the best orgasms of her life – this is the stuff we need to hear about because there is life after the menopause.

As our cycles started a bit all over the place, so the phase-out is the same way. Yes there can be some symptoms of this hand over, but not every women has them. If we look after our hormones now then we are helping our future selves hopefully glide through things a bit more.

My mum had a right rough road, she was quite early to stop her periods and had absolutely no guidance about the whole thing at all. I find it so sad, and she isn’t on her own with that story. I’m determined to help out as many people as I can to negotiate a smoother passage through these phases.

I mean the trend now is to stop them all completely, woohoo science thinks it’s cracked it. Well I can tell you something for free, it will savage you on the arse at some point because you can’t be on those drugs forever. So each to their own but I would like to take mine as it comes.

The symptoms that we talk of are hot flushes, dry vagina, night sweats and mood swings to name a few, I mean some of us will have experienced them all already, but these aren’t necessarily just for the menopause, which is the time when you have finished your periods. The menopause is defined as not having had a bleed for 12 months or more.

Peri is just the hand over as we stop using our ovaries to ovulate and the adrenals pick up the slack, our body is just adjusting to the new normal. However, as I say, many women don’t have problems. I believe a big part in that is our overall health. There is no denying now the evidence is there, our diet and lifestyles have a direct effect on our hormones and not always in a good way.

I’m not here to make you feel bad, I’m just all about getting good information about it all so that you can understand your body so well that you find it easy to make the better choices about your health. So it’s not a big list of can’t but a big list of ‘Ooo this is going to make me feel better and it’s so easy’.

So if you would like to know more about the peri-menopause and how it affects us and also have a bit of downtime then check out the retreat I am running here along with Nurturing Touch it could be just the ticket!