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The amazing team at WUKA – Wake Up Kick Ass (totally awesome) gave me the opportunity to try out their period pants and I wanted to share my experience with you.

For many women, the idea of reusable sanitary wear leaves them feeling a little green and underwhelmed by the whole situation.  My greatest achievement to date is converting my bestie Sonia over to reusable pads, I can’t even say the word blood to her without her going very pale and wobbly. She is now a total convert and like all the women I hear after they have made the change, can’t believe they didn’t do it sooner.

So up until now, I had been using reusable sanitary pads, but I had heard a lot about the pants and wanted to give them a go so I could give my followers a personal account of how it went.

The pants are black and they come in dress sizes, they fit well and feel really comfy cotton and breathable. Looking at them you might feel concerned they will feel bulky but fear not they don’t in the slightest, I wore them out with a very slinky dress and my hubby was treated to quite the dance before we left to make sure there was no VPLs.

So I have a fairly heavy flow on my day 2, I won’t lie, it took me a little while to get used to the feeling I was just bleeding into my pants, and there were some trust issues of checking my seat to see if I had leaked which I had not in the slightest. You feel like a bit of an erratic meerkat getting up and checking behind you for the red stain of doom.

I went through both pairs on my heavy day so I reckon for me I would need a few more pairs to get me through the days. The nights though these really came into their own! No leaks, so comfortable and no scrunching of any kind going on in the pants department. This was really awesome and I slept soundly, it made me realise that actually, we are on a bit of high alert through the night too!

Another bonus for them was wearing them if you are doing any kind of sport, now hear me out here, I’m not an advocate for training at all when you are bleeding – it is plonk your bum on a chair and stay there. However, I still have to walk the dog and come to the end of my bleed I do get a surge of energy and I want to get back to yoga or spinning and these pants again made me feel much happier about that situation because they were so comfortable to do so. No faff just pull on your pants and go..well maybe some leggings too, whatever floats your boat.

So for me they get a big thumbs up, definitely a great addition to my sanitary options but I am me and you are you, I would defo give them a whirl if you are at all interested, I am so passionate about women stepping away from commercial brands, so their vag’s aren’t marinating in a toxic cushion of rubbish for 5 days a month and you are also helping out the environment.

They also look pretty good as a hat 😉

Big Love G xx

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