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Oestrogen dominance is causing havoc in most of our lives, it affects women and men and its symptoms can be devastating. Endometriosis is just one of the dis-eases you can acquire with oestrogen dominance.

Oestrogen is found naturally in our diet but more worryingly xeno-oestrogens, which are foreign oestrogens, are mimicking our own natural oestrogen and having huge disruptions, creating imbalance to our hormones and our health.

When the environment we live in was free from oestrogen pollutants 70 years ago there were only 21 reported cases of endometriosis the current number in North America alone in 5.5million. A study in 1993 showed monkeys that had been fed a diet containing xeno-oestrogens over a four-year period developed endometriosis and a thickened uterus.

In the UK 1 in 10 women, that’s around 3.2million have endometriosis, it takes around 7 years for a diagnosis so these are numbers that we know of! 176 million women have this around the globe, which is 10% of the world’s population THAT WE KNOW OF! This is an epidemic.

Endometriosis is known for being the silent disease – I call bullshit – the only silence is the not talking about how we are getting sick from all the rubbish that we are exposed to. Our bodies are talking to us – look at the EVIDENCE your period is giving you, the symptoms in your body what is it saying?

I will say this until I am blue in the face – periods aren’t meant to hurt, neither is ovulation. You aren’t meant to have a tsunami of blood rush out of your body every month. You have the right and the capacity to help yourself achieve what is right and normal FOR YOU.

So many girls and women are being fobbed off with disbelief of the amount of pain they are in. Being told to basically suck it up, it’s all part of being a woman. It isn’t. Women and their periods need to be listened to; the struggle is real for many women in awful amounts of pain, and completely debilitated by this illness.

So what is oestrogen dominance? It is as the name suggests when there is too much oestrogen in the body. During our cycle hormones swing oestrogen being in the driving seat for the first half of the cycle and progesterone in the second.

Avoiding xeno-oestrogens isn’t something we can completely veer away from now adays, and you could become neurotic trying. But there are things you can put in place for sure, small changes that can make a BIG difference.

Xeno- estorgens are found in the following products.

Phyto-eoestrogens are naturally occurring in our foods. They come in three main catagories

The consensus of research done is that an increase in the diet of phyto-oestrogens is unpredictable to the effect on the body. However in my mind being oestrogen dominant, i don’t want to put any thing into my body that has a high oestrogen content.

The effect is cumulative in the body, of both types of ‘outside oestrogen’. Organs in the body like the breasts, uterus and thyroid have oestrogen receptors that are very sensitive, they don’t want to be over loaded with any more hormones!

What does mean to be oestrogen dominant? Well here is a range of symptoms that you can experience. This isn’t a definitive list.

Mild –

Moderate –

Severe –

Along with the physical side of looking at these symptoms the emotional side needs to also be addressed.  It’s different for everyone and its certainly isn’t a one sized glove fits all. As a well woman specialist I look at the whole picture, how you feel about your body and any stories you have that contribute to you health.

This is information for you to choose and make your own decision on I’m just presenting what I know. What I know is – get educated about your choices! There is always another way.

4 Responses

  1. Dear Gemma
    Is there anyone that could help my daughter who suffers with complex health conditions restore a natural balance of Progesterone/ Oestrogen ?
    She takes natural progesterone, DIM, bone broth, only eats organic vegetables and meat. She avoids grains and has tried low oxylate diets to reduce inflammation . Her current diet is so basic but nutritious. She has had the support of a nutritionist over the past 5 years when she developed
    Adrenal Fatigue. My daughter has had type 1 Diabetes since 9 years of age
    and a rare condition 18 Hydroxilase. Last year she was diagnosed with Graves disease. She understands her body so well . When her period is imminent her blood sugars would rise but drop once she had started her period. The past few months her blood sugars have been rocketing inspite of a very low carbohydrate intake. She was always active had a normal body weight.buHer Endocrinologist Consultant doesn’t accept she is insulin resistant or that she could have Oestrogen dominance! Her Oestrogen levels have been higher but the Consultant says they are normal
    Yesterday she requested that she had her sex hormones tested again. The Consultant said she would but couldn’t really see the point as in her opinion they were normal. She also said this about her thyroid condition. Where and who can she go to? It is so distressing to see my beautiful daughter who only puts goodness into her body getting worse. I am so worried as not only is this affecting her physically but her emotional wellbeing. In addition to the above she suffers chronically with period pains. She is 39 years of age. Sorry this so long winded . Kind regards Suzy.