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Anxiety, Depression & Hormones

The influence of anxiety or depression on our hormonal health Anxiety and depression aren’t just “in your head” – they have a profound impact on

A Daily Routine to Ease PMT Symptoms

Dealing with PMT (Premenstrual Tension) can be like riding a rollercoaster of emotions and discomfort, but having a good daily routine can make a real

Why I bang on about CHARTING!

Charting your period isn’t rocket science. It’s not. Really, you just say what you see and feel. It’s a bit like keeping a bullet point

Itchy Bits – the ins and outs

‘What causes itchy bits?’   I get a lot of people ask me about itchy vulvas, it can be really annoying and uncomfortable – not

Peri-meno what now?

I looked up the meaning for the peri-menopause and this is what the dictionary said ‘the period of a woman’s life shortly before the occurrence