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There is an intricate link between unresolved emotions and pain. The body-mind connection is often overlooked, but it is most definitely a ‘thing’. This isn’t to say that you are the cause of your pain or that resolving your emotional issues will cure you of your pain. What I’m saying, is that it is another element to your health and wellbeing that can shed some light for you, and exploring it is a worthwhile exercise that can lead to some interesting and useful insights.

The Body-Mind Connection: A Closer Look

Have you ever felt a knot in your stomach during times of stress? Perhaps your shoulders go up around your ears when grappling with anxiety? Our bodies are remarkably interconnected, and what goes on in our minds can leave a significant imprint on our physical state.

Our emotions act as powerful messengers, relaying information about your inner state. When emotions like stress, sadness, or anger are left unattended, they can manifest in the form of physical pain. For instance, chronic stress can trigger tension in your muscles, leading to headaches or backaches. Suppressed emotions can create knots of discomfort, which can then lead to some amazing vicious circles of pain and emotions chasing themselves.

In terms of period health, this can be seen in the mental and physical pain that can and does rear its head every month. If you are experiencing high stress then there is a really high chance that your mood running up to your period will be affected, and your period may well be heavier and more painful. We have normalised these things to the point of believing them to be acceptable during our periods, but they are not. I often say to my clients if they are struggling with really feral PMS to drop into their body and try and talk to the emotions that are going on. There is generally a lot of grief, anger and frustration surrounding what they think their body should be doing versus what it actually is doing.

Acknowledgment and Healing: Your Path to Relief

Here’s the golden nugget – acknowledging and addressing your emotions can be a transformative step towards finding relief from persistent pain. There are a number of different ways that you can begin to do this, so here are a few suggestions:

1. Dialoguing: Take a moment to pause and have a two way conversation with your body. Lie or sit quietly and place your hands over the area of your body that is hurting, tune into the emotions that are surrounding that part of the body, investigate the pain and explore any conflict. You can dialogue with this part of your body by asking questions such as “what does this part of me need?” “What is this pain trying to tell me?” This kind of introspection can be incredibly illuminating.

2. Emotional Release: Give yourself permission to feel. Whether it’s through journaling, talking to a trusted friend, or seeking professional support, allowing your emotions to surface and be processed can alleviate the burden on your body. It is vital that you do this with someone who won’t pass judgement so for goodness sake pick wisely, and ensure there is the space for it. Perhaps a walk with a friend might be better than sitting in a packed café, and perhaps don’t pick that friend who thinks you just need to take a positive attitude – it’s critical that your feelings are seen, heard and accepted, not ignored.

3. Mind-Body Practices: Engage in activities that foster harmony between your mind and body. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises can help you release tension and promote emotional well-being. Sticking some tunes on and shaking your body is also an excellent way to move emotions through. If these techniques seem too simple to you, don’t be fooled, the simple ones are predominantly the best ones, we don’t need to over-complicate it, we just need to do it.

4. Seek Professional input: different modalities of body work can also really help with alleviating pain. Acupuncture, Mizan (a pelvic abdo massage), massage, osteopath. Whatever takes your fancy but make it a blend that works for you. Your body is ALWAYS worth the investment, it’s the only house you own.

Empower Yourself through Knowledge

If you want to find out more about this – my book “Periods Aren’t Meant to Bloody Hurt” is a comprehensive guide that delves into various facets of women’s health, including the intriguing link between emotions and pain.

Remember, my lovely, you have the power to uncover the layers of connection between your emotions and persistent pain. By tending to your emotional well-being, you’re on a path towards helping the holistic well being of your body.