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 Well Woman red talks 

Welcome to the Well Woman Red Talks.

I will be holding 4 intimate talks over the next four months covering some juicy topics.

Understanding your Energy
Mon 15th May 2023, 19:30 GMT

Navigating PMT
Mon 19th June 2023, 19:30 GMT

Unpacking Period Pain
Monday 10th July 2023, 19:30 GMT

Unpacking the Perimenopause
Monday 7th Aug 2023, 19:30 GMT

I want to create a space that is nurturing and spacious, to really immerse ourselves in the monthly topics. For you to come away with something tangible and can put to work straight away. I am keeping these sessions small because I want there to be space to talk and ask questions,  no judgment or thinking you should know this stuff. This is a place where you can bring the questions you might think are TMI, start to undo the narratives that aren’t yours and really take control of your own journey with your hormones and periods.

Understanding your Energy – tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion are very common in my clients. This can be for a whole manner of reasons but the most common are working against their cycles, having adrenal fatigue, being overwhelmed with period and hormonal symptoms and struggling to put themselves first.   Working with our cycle doesn’t feel tangible to many, because its not a concept we are even aware of. However, once you get to grips with it, it is a total game changer for you, your relationships, work and navigating every aspect of your day to day life. 

Navigating PMT – it is without doubt something everyone has experienced on one form or another. A smorgasbord of symptoms from tiredness, irritability to severe mood changes and depression. It can be a total nightmare for some. PMT doesn’t have to govern your life, rather that trying to run away from it I have an approach that brings you up close with it, works with it and allows your to see the messages that it is trying to tell you. 

Why Periods Hurt – if you have wondered why something natural seems to be out to get us every month then this one is for you. I will be going through the biology of the period, unpacking the hormones and giving an overview on why painful periods shouldn’t be the norm. You will have some quick wins to take away with you. 

Unpacking the Perimenopause – Are you confused about what the peri actually is? Would you like to have a better idea of what is happening in your body? What to expect and what to look out for? Find some resources you can use if you are in the thick of it? Then this is the salon for you. You will be gaining some take aways regardless of if you are peri or not – this is valuable information. 

You will be in for 45 mins of teaching from me, and then 60 mins of group coaching afterwards. The sessions will be recorded and you will get a time sensitive copy of the recording. Questions will also be able to be submitted to me to answer if you can’t stay for the live session. 

You can buy your ticket for just £35

There’s only room for 10 seats at the Red Talks table, so grab your ticket now! All Red Talk sessions will be on Zoom, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own house. 

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