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Waiting, it’s never a nice experience is it?

I work with a lot of women who are waiting to get better, waiting to have a baby or waiting for a diagnosis.

They feel they have been waiting their whole lives. Like it’s all been put on pause and then one day they want something and they have to wait some more.

I truly feel that if we are to get ahead of these dis-eases that plague women so much now adays, then we had better become BBF with our own bodies and unique ways within them.

We don’t need to wait to be told we have an issue, or our fertility is compromised. It’s all there for us to see as plain as the nose on our face if we take the time to look and understand.

Our beautiful wonderful amazing bodies are dutifully giving us all the answers we need, we just can’t understand them.

Knowing what our mucous does and how it’s supposed to look like gives us clear indications if we are indeed ovulating or not. Periods aren’t meant to hurt ladies so any discomfort in and around bleed time is a red flag. Raging hormones that make you weepy or banshee are an imbalance.

You have all this knowledge at your fingertips, you don’t need to wait for someone to confirm for you what you already know. Imagine if we started this education from the word go with young women. Imagine where we would be if we knew all the things that would help us conceive or have better bleeds, imagine where we would be if when we reached out and asked for help we were the ones telling them what was wrong! That we never loose our power at any moment in time because we know our shit.

Think of the informed choices we would make then!

So maybe if we grew in confidence at what we could achieve we wouldn’t need to wait so bloody long. Because we would actually start to see the changes that we are making are having a difference on our lives.

Many women say to me that they are looking for a different way to treat endo, or any other hormonal problem. This is absolutely achievable but it isn’t something that will happen just like that over night. BUT if we knew ourselves so well, we would be able to start working on these things much sooner and maybe just maybe wouldn’t need to have any medical input!

Connecting back with our bodies is a wonderful and very important thing to do. I would have loved to have had someone hold my hand through the whole process, if it’s something that you think you would be interested in then please get in contact.

Painting – Waiting for the tide by David Jay Spyker