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I have been guilty of this myself, seeing the negatives in something – actually the negative I was seeing was that women with menstrual problems are tough cookies to crack. Especially if they have Endo or PCOS or any other numerous condition associated with our periods and cycle.

I’ll be brutally honest and say that I find the groups I belonged to really bloody awful, I had to put my suit of armour on to pop, and I would find myself yelling at my phone as I read another sorry tale of despair and heartache over some poor women being given ridiculous advice or not being believed about her condition.

Go and have a baby, it’s all part of being a woman, periods are meant to be this way (my particular favourite on the old bollocks rating.

So I stopped going in then, feeling a complete sense of failure at seeing all these women and not being able to offer any help – there are strict you can’t promote yourself on these types of groups which is fair enough – BUT the long list of comments under questions seemed overwhelming and lets face it you ask any question on social media you get a billion different answers.

I see why these groups exist, and it’s a great support I guess, but I can’t help but think that it really just keep people in a swirling soup of doom and gloom.

Now I know that I’m not for everyone, and I can’t save the world although I will die trying. BUT when I read through the horrific side effects women are putting up with taking drugs that are meant to be making them better, I have to wonder what the hell is going on?

I can understand the scepticism that comes my way at times, Christ I started my professional life as a nurse so where I am now is a complete contrast to then, however, when I needed my surgery I did take all that was on offer in terms of the anaesthetic and painkillers afterward! Once I had come out of it the other end though I refused the hormones and cleansed my body to help it heal in the best way for me.

I think herbal medicine is amazing, and it sits alongside all the other things I offer really well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investigating it. It can work alongside orthodox medicine, there are precautions obviously and that is why it’s recommended you speak with someone who is qualified and not just take the word of someone on Facebook because we are all different.

I know that it might be hard to believe that plants can hold so much potency but if you think about it all medicine has derived from them in one form or another.  They are gentle on our bodies, offer very few side effects and actually only treat what is wrong rather than creating other problems,

My complementary calls cost nothing, and you might just find the answer you were looking for. Fed up with bloating, pain, tiredness, rubbish moods? Want to be able to not have a tsunami every month with your period? Trying to get pregnant? What have you got to gain by just finding out a bit more?