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I am sucker for a quiz, I could while away several hours on play buzz finding out who’s my fairy godmother, what breed of dog I am or what colour hair I should get next. Silly but strangely addictive and I enjoy it!

So when I picked up a magazine to my delight there was a quiz, ‘do I know how to enjoy life’ – where’s the pen I thought, lets fill out this baby. Turns out I was mostly circles which means ‘I relish the art of small pleasures’. It’s true I am a sucker for a quiz!

Small things and guilty pleasures sound pathetic and a bit naughty really though don’t they? What about big pleasures? What about all these things we are supposed to want, that we are bombarded with in our waking hours. Cars, bigger homes, holidays, clothes, eating out, new phones, computers, the latest stuff, the fast paced life of being in the city, the keeping up with the next person, the consumerism, the want want want and need need need.

Woah just writing that down makes me feel giddy. I have a small confession, I would like a bigger house so that I could have more space to put antiques in it. I love old furniture that has a story behind it. A past a life, it’s like it lives and breathes, for me at least. If anyone who knows me is reading this, they will know that I do like a holiday and generally off the beaten track. My last holiday though, although I was looking forward to going was sad I would miss seeing my peonies out in bloom in the garden, It may make me sad, but I made a mental note to change the date by a week next year! My kindly neighbour that watered for me, promised she and her son would appreciate the flowers for me – she sent me a picture!

I love my garden, it’s my therapy, if anything shows I shine light on it, my garden would be it. It’s green, lush and hugely colourful. It makes me feel peaceful and energised all at the same time. I can loose hours in it, without a care in the world. I love the colours of the flowers, the texture of the leaves, they way new shoots are softer than velvet. The fruits they grow for me to eat, the bees that pollenate and the soft grass I walk on. My garden is a hub of activity, always.

I grew up by the sea, I hadn’t really noticed how much the ocean ran through my blood until hitting my 30’s. I love all types of beaches, but get me to one where the sea is smashing against the rocks or shore and the spray reaches as high as a house. The wind is whipping through your hair, the salt air is filling your lungs, you feel small but alive. That’s my kind beach any day of the week.

The little things that made me smile last week were, Mark letting Indie (my dog) out of the car when he came to collect me,  she came running out and leapt into my arms. Buying a new blend of essential oil that I’m burning as I write this. Watching Eat Pray Love and blubbing my eyes out. Hearing Mark laugh. Chatting to my parents. Catching up with an old friend and the biggest almond croissant ever. Seeing lightbulb moments with my clients. And the rain, because it saved me a job of watering! These are to name a few, because now I am thinking about it I could write a huge long list.

These may be the ‘small things’ in life but look how they make us feel. Like we are walking on the top of the world. So the small and guilty pleasures in life aren’t really small, they are the biggest and bestest things and they are all around us if we look  we can scoop them up left right and centre…..just like ice cream! ?

The little things in life,
Are the big things in disguise.
They make your heart swell,
And your soul fly.

There is no judgment on what you choose,
It comes in every form.
From the biggest mountains stretching to the sky,
To a new baby born.

These treasures you are collecting,
Are priceless beyond there years.
So embrace more each and every day,
Reach far beyond your fears.

These small precious things,
Could be missed in the blink of an eye.
Are what will keep you company,
Till we take wings and bid goodbye.