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Period myth no.284. An absolute corker this one.

I’m generally met with raised eyebrows and a yeah right when I say this.

I believe it’s one of the biggest problems we have in understanding about our cycles, because everyone believes this. So when you pitch up to ask for help you generally get told that it is very normal to have pain.

It isn’t.

How you explain pain is very difficult too, because it’s totally believed periods are meant to be awful, when we explain how awful it is we are told it is very normal. It might be met with looks of disbelief that really we should just crack on with it because everyone woman suffers each month, everyone knows that.

So the cycle of pain and being told it’s normal starts. We think we are going mad, surely not everyone has this much pain during their period?! Our nearest and dearest will see and even then might not fully understand because it’s just a period and they are meant to be awful right?

So we suck it up and medicate. We take over the counter meds, we might move on to prescribed pain medications that really don’t cut the mustard and make us feel like space cadets. Then we get put on hormones to help balance everything out, sometimes it does for a bit, but more often that not it makes everything feel worse. We keep being told all the while this is quite normal and actually it probably isn’t our periods at all, it’s probably something else like IBS so we might get a load of tests done for that. Or start on medication to treat that, and at this point we might feel so fucking fed up that we are in pain all the freaking time we get told we are suffering with depression, and we might get put on medication for that…


What if…what if…. someone listened and said periods don’t need to be painful what you are describing to me isn’t normal let’s see what we can do about it.

What if that person set out a clear pathway of getting from where you are now to where you want to be? What if that person fully supported you all the way helping you hurdle the bullshit of not being listened to? What if that person gave you a whole heap of tools and practical advice that was easy to follow? What if that person treated your body like it was fully deserved to be treated and respected everything you had to say? What if that person gave you space to talk about your experiences, your hurts, your frustrations, your anger? Held space and gave you time? What if that person was able to treat your body with holistic remedies that don’t have nasty side effects? What if that person had expert knowledge about how a women’s body works?

What if by taking this step your symptoms radically reduced what then?

My name is Gemma Barry I run the Well Woman Circle I help women like you heal their cycles. I listen, I help, I empathise because I have been there I have walked this path alone and its shit. I made a promise to myself that I wanted to pass forward all that I have to help other women have better periods. I want to stop the suffering that is happening to hundreds of thousands of women every day, every month because we are believing that is the way is has to be.

Because periods aren’t meant to HURT.

If you want to find out more you can visit my website or drop me an email I have a range of packages and products that will make a difference to your life, I really look forward to hearing from you.