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Raising awareness of Endometriosis isn’t going to happen if we keep wanging on about how rubbish it is, because as it stands at the moment all we are doing is moaning about period pain.

The world needs a shift in understanding periods before it will ever understand endometriosis. Saying about how much pain we are in and how heavy our bleeds are to name just 2 of the several hundred symptoms of endo, isn’t enough because we aren’t being heard.

Women themselves believe periods should be horrific, they see no reason to question them so how are we going to raise awareness of a disease we don’t know much about when we don’t know much about our own bodies?

Writing a blog about your endo experience pretty much reads the same to every women who has it. All endo rebels can resonate with the writer because she has felt the same. Does it change anything though? I don’t think so because it only speaks to those that really understand – the ones who have the disease, to any one on the outside they are thinking “God just take some pain killers and crack on like the rest of us”.

Only those that are around the disease will understand the complexities of it, even doctors don’t really get it, they don’t know the reason 176 million women around the world have it. So if they don’t know isn’t it time we started taking matters into our own hands? Quite frankly what the fuck have we got to lose?

Many women in my group The Rebellious Endometriosis Sisters say to me they want change. I get that, I also get that we all have bad days with this fecker of an illness. However the continuing negativity in the ‘how crap my life is’ post don’t help raise awareness, they keep us small by keeping us in a place of ‘my life isn’t going to be any better than this I can’t cope with this disease’. No matter what the disease we absolutely have to find ways to cope with it, otherwise your life is dictated by the illness rather that you in the driving seat living with a problem.

I want to see change with this disease, I want it to be taken seriously, I want the diagnosis rate to come down to 6mths not 6 years. I want women to be so in tune with their bodies, so they know something is wrong and can articulate exactly what that is. I want women to know how they can help Endometriosis naturally and holistically, I want women to be able to have the confidence to ask questions of their health care team to make sure the suggestions are right for them. I want women to understand the treatments they are being offered, the drugs they are being offered and know the full story about how they work in their bodies and therefore will they be right for them? I want women to be aware of the choices they have, about how they can help themselves in small ways that amount to big change.

I’m not doing this by writing about my shit days, because I don’t have shit days my programme works. I walk my talk, and by doing so I’m going to change me, you and the rest of the women I come into contact with because the ways in which I work with Endo cannot make it worse. There is nothing invasive, there is no unnatural chemicals going into your body, there is no waiting months to see me (yet 😉 )

What there is plenty of is time, care, nurturing, expertise, knowledge, laughter, positivity and change heaps of fucking change – if i hear that once I hear it a thousand times – things have really changed since working with you Gem.

So if you want to change endo, if you want to raise awareness, then you have to start with yourself and work upwards, because the stories of our shit days keep us small, they keep us in the sticky grip of endo. All endo women get it they know the bad days, they live them more often than they should. The revolution with this disease comes from us, it comes from us NOT putting up with what is currently out there as the only means to treat this condition.

If this strikes a chord with you, and you want to know more then give me a shout I have just the thing for you – and to speak with me cost nothing, you have nothing to lose 🙂