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I’ve been following the story about Serena Williams’s ‘rage’ in the final of the US Open  with interest, I have no idea about the ins and outs of tennis but what I do know is that fellas can be cursing, swearing and throwing their rackets about the place and considered “outspoken” or “challenging” if a woman does it then she is seen as “emotional”, “irrational” or “hysterical”.

I’m sick to death of women being billed as emotional or sensitive, and I tell you what it really touches a nerve when it’s suggested it could be to do with our cycle.

Yes, we do get ahem less patient but only because our body is trying in vain to communicate with us! If you want to go around tearing heads off every month I suggest you have a look at what you are suppressing for the rest of the month, it will be for sure.

Anger is like a truth serum, once you step into that arena truth bombs are gonna be dropped from great heights and they are usually about stuff that happened way back when you didn’t say anything and brushed it under the carpet. It looked as if Serena has had a bit of history with the umpire who knows but you don’t just get mad for no good reason.

When our bodies are gearing up towards our periods, they have not enough energy to go around keeping the peace. You are tired, it’s taking a lot from you to have a period, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you have wonky periods that are very heavy or extremely painful then the volume is turned up tenfold.

Have you ever met a child or animal that wasn’t a grumpy fucker when they are in pain and felt lousy? Have you ever felt your best when you are feeling this way? Of course, you haven’t, because our body is trying to conserve every last shred of energy and goodness it has to help keep you standing upright.

So why then do we put up with it? Well for literally since time has begun we have been fed the utter bullshit that periods are meant to hurt A LOT. There are many factors inside and out of our bodies that influence how are period is going to be, looking specifically at the PMT rages you putting yourself last all the goddamn time isn’t going to help them, is it? Trying to push through when you really want to curl up in a ball in the confectionary aisle of Tesco’s isn’t going to make you the most pleasant person to hang around with. Frankly suggesting these things should be enough for us to stop and think for a moment that maybe just maybe we are expecting too much from ourselves but it isn’t.

So I’m going to ask you to think about your family, your kids, your partner, your friends, work colleagues and the person you glared at in the newsagents. Do you really want to turn into what is deemed as others as an emotional hysterical wreck each and every month? Do you want to feel the hot simmer of anger bubbling just above the surface ready to explode on an unsuspecting human? Is it fair to them? How would you feel if it were your partner speaking to you in spiky tones? Telling their mates how much they want to rip your head off? They might well be anyway!

You don’t have to feel this angry and frustrated every month, this rage that is happening is a sign that you need to address some stuff, to help make your life easier. It’s not scary it’s necessary, how much longer are you going to let yourself feel like shit for? When are you going to put yourself first and say I no longer want to feel like I’m losing the plot each month?

Anger is one of my favourite emotions to work through with my clients, holding space for them to allow the lightbulbs to ping on and have those ah-ha moments.

Let’s not buy into the stereotype anymore, let us get mad for the right reasons because it moves mountains does a bit of angry. It fires us up to take action, your body is asking you to take action if you are having the rages with PMT.  It isn’t funny feeling that way, and you aren’t going to be able to take on the world let alone look after yourself being so darn depleted from it.

If you think you need to carry on like this on your own then I’m here to tell you, you don’t. Drop me an email at or drop me a message on FB and lets get the ball rolling on sorting this shit out right now.