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Get Started with Charting

You might already document when your period starts and finishes, which is helpful, but there is so much more to find out by charting your period. It isn’t rocket science, and I have printable PDFs that you can use which make it incredibly easy (and of course there are plenty of apps you could try.) You just say what you see and feel, a bit like keeping a bullet point journal.  

First, watch this...

The Four Seasons of Your Period 

Watch this video to get an understanding of the different seasons of your monthly cycle before you start charting

In this video I explain about the  four quarters of your monthly cycle. They can be viewed like the four seasons of the year – how we feel and act at different times of year are also reflected in how we feel and act in the changing seasons of our period.

Once you’ve watched this, you are ready to get cracking with filling in your Flow Chart, detailed in the video below.



Then, watch this & download the charts...

Filling in your Flow Chart

This video explains how to fill out your chart with each cycle.

It’s all very straightforward, so have a watch of my instructional video and then print off the flow charts to get going. 

Does it take loads of time?

No. It needn’t take more than one minute of your day. You could do it while you boil the kettle for a cuppa.

Is it difficult?

No. It’s a few bullet points about how you’re feeling and any physical symptoms – think period pain, headache, fatigue. That kind of thing. Super easy.

How long do I do it for?

If you commit to charting for one cycle, then that’s a great start, and if you keep it going for three cycles you’ll be able to start noticing patterns. Longer than three months, and those patterns will start to become really clear and you’ll be able to put things in place to alleviate symptoms and manage your cycle.