‘Just Turmeric’ Anti-Inflammatory Tincture

This tincture is a great anti-inflammatory.


Potion No. 19

Just Turmeric is as it says on the tin, that’s all that is in this potion. Turmeric is an absolute star for reducing inflammation in the body, and I often suggest women use this in my clinic along side their other potions. It’s great for the liver because if it’s colour, and is wonderful at helping reduce inflammation of the body, I use it mainly for the gut and pelvis. A lot of people use the powder which is great, but you need much larger quantities than a potion like this, which is why this bottle of sunshine is your best friend – until you drop it on a white tee!

Ingredients: Turmeric

Comes in 100ml and 250ml bottles

Contains alcohol

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100ml, 250ml