‘Just Loosen Up’ Chest Balm

This chest rub is a great natural way to help unblock sinuses and ease congestion.

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Potion No. 14

Let this chest rub help unblock your congestion, it is gentle enough for children to use, in fact rubbing it into the bottoms of their feet – and yours for that matter can be a great way to help with sinus congestion. Think I’m nuts just give it a whirl and see for yourself ?

Can be great at night time, to slather over your chest and feet, with all the best essential oils to help clear away the stuffiness.

Ingredients: Calendula, Essential Oils (Peppermint, Camphor, Cajeput, Clove & Spearmint), Olive Oil, Shea Butter & Bees Wax

Comes in 30ml and 60ml breathtaking tubs

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30ml, 60ml