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Download Your Herb Information Sheets

Woohoo welcome to the world of herbs! So pleased that you have chosen to download my Info Sheet and that you are interested in how my herby potions can help your health!

I hope that you find it useful, I am changing the playing field of health by offering a different (but very ancient) way of treating our bodies. Allowing a gentler but just as powerful resolution to be found.

I am so passionate about women getting back into their driving seat of health and well being, for too long we have had to try and manipulate our bodies into a paradigm that frankly is the wrong colour, shape, size and has no sparkle at all, to really help us find our full potential.

So you are here, dipping in a toe and I’m so happy, you have me smiling from ear to ear and doing a little fist bump and shouting YESSSSS!!!

If you are looking to buy a selection of potions you may want to have a look at Herbalist in a Box which has everything included plus you get a mentoring session with me!

Just select which sheet you need and click on ‘Download’ to get your copy. In some browsers the files may open in another browser window – in which case just save the file to your computer and open (usually File > Save As). 



Heavy Periods

Painful Periods

ENDO / Adeno